Organic Momentum

I can create or revise your chart of accounts and build an internal budgeting, reporting and monitoring process. I am here to help...

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Momentum by Acquisition

The acquisition you are working on will create positive momentum for your business but your people are being taken away from their regular roles as a result.  I can build...

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Financing Your Momentum

When you need equity or debt financing to build momentum for your business, I can help.  I bring many years of experience...

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My Momentum is YOUR Momentum

My greatest pleasure is seeing your business succeed and I will work with you to achieve the results you deserve.  I can assist with every financial and administrative aspect of your business from setting up routine internal reporting processes to obtaining financing to executing acquisitions to preparing, reviewing and filing tax returns.  No matter your corporate finance or accounting needs, my many years of experience will prove valuable to your organization in continuing the momentum your business has created.  I take pride in contributing to your success while working in the background, allowing you to focus your valuable time on core business initiatives.