Organic Momentum

I can create or revise your chart of accounts and build an internal budgeting, reporting and monitoring process. I am here to help ensure the appropriate internal controls and processes exist for the size of your organization.  I can assist in managing your external reporting to key stakeholders like your shareholders, board of directors and bank.  Let me set up these key processes so you can focus on building momentum in your business.

Momentum by Acquisition

The acquisition you are working on will create positive momentum for your business but your people are being taken away from their regular roles as a result.  I can build or review the financial models, help negotiate the agreements and work with external advisors to ease some of the demands on your team.  Let me assist in writing the information circular, prospectus or business acquisition report and prepare any pro forma financial statements required for inclusion in these public filings.

Financing Your Momentum

When you need equity or debt financing to build momentum for your business, I can help.  I bring many years of experience working on both brokered and non-brokered private placements, public debt and equity offerings as well as partnering with institutional investors.  I can build or review the financial models, prepare pitch books and presentations and help you get in front of the appropriate investor base for your needs.